Known for his unique original interpretations, eclectic taste, and love of improvisation; Ron Hughes is a musical gem. His skill at playing the acoustic finger-style baritone guitar combined with his rich baritone voice an extensive and incredibly varied repertoire are a truly matchless combination.

   A native of Portland, Oregon, Ron began his career at an early age, forming a band in the eighth grade, performing at school dances, etc. His love of music lead him to Church camp, sharing his enthusiasm as a music director at Camp Magruder for many years . Guitar lessons followed, which lead to an interest in jazz. At Oregon State University, Ron cultivated his talents in the OSU Jazz Ensemble and choirs.  He also got involved with the popular "OSU Coffee House," first as a performer, and shortly thereafter, scheduling the talent and acting as emcee for the weekly performances. It was here that he found his true calling as an acoustic performer and he began performing professionally in local bars and taverns.

   Returning to the Portland area to pursue his dream of making his living as a professional musician, Ron was soon steadily working in local bars, clubs, and restaurants.  Concurrently he began studying Jazz at Mount Hood Community College and was selected as a member of both their highly respected "Vocal Jazz Ensemble" and  instrumental "Jazz Ensemble" programs.

   In the following sixteen years, Ron proudly never took a day off from playing music that was not scheduled. He was booked consistently a year or more in advance, performing on a rotating basis in many of the finest area venues, primarily in Oregon, but also in Washington and Sun Valley, Idaho.

   Years went by and as more opportunities presented themselves, Ron began hiring many talented musicians. He performed for years in a duo format with bassist/vocalist, Mark Bielman and had lengthy performance relationships with many local/national Jazz luminaries including pianists Jeff Lorber, Bill Beach, and John Fresk as well as violinist/bassist, Rob Thomas.  Other notable sidemen include: Tom Grant, piano; Gary Clinton and Lee Wuthenow, reeds and flute; Jeff Usitallo, trombone; Mel Brown, Gary Hobbs, Lloyd Jones, and Ron Steen; percussion and many others.

   Ron met Wendy; they married in 1980 and decided to start a family. With Wendy's career just beginning, and Ron's already having spanned many years, he decided to put performing on hold in order to devote all of his energies to being full-time caregiver to their two children, Tom and Sandy. A very busy life ensued. With the children grown and his love of music renewed, Ron felt the desire to perform again and he performs consistently at a variety of excellent venues; find one that interests you on his calendar and come experience the wonderful music he creates!

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